Dusting Off the ReverbNation Page

I didn't pay attention to my ReverbNation page for a while because I thought people had moved on, but recently I realized the value of it when a new fan found me there and bought the CD in the time it took to hear three songs. Consider me converted!




Soup to Nuts Live! to Air This Weekend

John Fonvielle's Soup to Nuts Live! concert will be broadcast Friday, Dec. 11 at 7 p.m. and Saturday, Dec. 12 at 9 p.m. EST. Tune in at 91.3 FM (Wilmington, NC) or stream it at Not to be missed!



Soup to Nuts Live! a Success

The John Fonvielle Band's hour-long Soup to Nuts Live! concert in WHQR's listening room Nov. 19 was met with great enthusiasm by Wilmington music lovers. Singing to a studio audience of about 70 people, John earned a lot of new fans with a heartfelt performance of songs from Rodeo that was peppered with stories about origins and inspirations. Popular radio host George Scheibner MC'd the event, joking with the crowd and sharing anecdotes about John, a longtime acquaintance. The band members, looking classy against the exposed brick wall, brought their A game, with piano player Jim Ellis delivering an especially soulful Jackson Browne-esque intro to "The Devil is Dealing Again." (It is worth checking out his solo work in the usual online music haunts.) Jeff Reid, who recorded the album and mixed it with John at Reid Recording, busted out the melodica for "You Don't Know Me," and rocked the rhythm guitar with flair. Roger Cook, you are a great bass player — now get some kind of digital footprint so we can link to you properly!

The recording of John's Soup to Nuts Live!, complete with rousing standing ovation, will will be broadcast on Dec. 11 at 7 p.m. EST and Dec. 12 at 9 p.m. Tune in or stream it from WHQR's website!

For Our Downloading Friends

I love CDs and vinyl, but I know downloading is a thing. For our downloading-yet-still-geeky-about-liner-notes friends, here is a modified copy of the printed booklet that comes with the CD. I hope you enjoy the lyrics.


The CDs are Here!

50 sold — 250 to go!


Card Tricks

I hate to waste my mistakes. This gets me into trouble because I tend to save things that didn't work, and those things take up space. But yesterday's badly-cropped business cards are today's fun photo op! I think I will make confetti out of them for the CD release party. (Enter your email in the box at left to be notified about event details.)

Also, a little shout-out to MOO. We appreciate them re-printing the cards at no extra charge.


Gold Dust Man

What is that on the cover?

My CD used to have a completely different name — Grim Reapers and Grand Weepers. Accurate, I suppose, but too cute. As I continued working on the record, the song "Rodeo" kept banging around in my head until I saw that it should be the title of the whole CD. As soon as that was settled, my wife and graphic designer, Jean, asked, "What's the image that comes to mind?" Before long we were Googling "rodeo dust" and eyeing a cool cowboy shot called "Gold Dust" by Karen Kelly. Once we got her permission to use a cropped version of the image, we had a color palette. Next, Jean performed some black magic on a daytime photo of me at Shakori Hills Grassroots Music and Dance Festival, to make a simpatico cover for the insert. This is just a mockup (actually wrapped around a Tom Waits CD for good luck) but the real thing should look pretty close to this — only with more photos, lyrics and credits in the booklet. I can't wait to see the official version!






















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