Gold Dust Man

What is that on the cover?

My CD used to have a completely different name — Grim Reapers and Grand Weepers. Accurate, I suppose, but too cute. As I continued working on the record, the song "Rodeo" kept banging around in my head until I saw that it should be the title of the whole CD. As soon as that was settled, my wife and graphic designer, Jean, asked, "What's the image that comes to mind?" Before long we were Googling "rodeo dust" and eyeing a cool cowboy shot called "Gold Dust" by Karen Kelly. Once we got her permission to use a cropped version of the image, we had a color palette. Next, Jean performed some black magic on a daytime photo of me at Shakori Hills Grassroots Music and Dance Festival, to make a simpatico cover for the insert. This is just a mockup (actually wrapped around a Tom Waits CD for good luck) but the real thing should look pretty close to this — only with more photos, lyrics and credits in the booklet. I can't wait to see the official version!

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