"It’s hard to believe this is Fonvielle’s first solo record. It carefully and elegantly tugs at the heartstrings while encouraging the mind to wander, his voice a patient mix of wear and tear and gentle optimism. There are themes of love, loss and hard-earned wisdom expressed on Rodeo, an album whose title in one word sums up the chance and calamity of life itself." (Condensed with permission)

—   Brian Tucker, The Star-News


"Not only does John Fonvielle sing well (in a Drambuie kind of voice, smooth and potent), and play guitar, bass, mandolin, piano and organ, he can flat write a song. Working in the Americana singer-songwriter tradition, he crafts lyrics at once familiar and enigmatic, about love and heartbreak; about leaving town and about coming home; about finding oneself and finding 'a soft place to land.' You can hear some influences, but only the best kind: Tom Waits, Gram Parsons, Joni Mitchell, Kris Kristofferson, Emmylou Harris, even the late great Jesse Winchester."

The Sweetheart of this RODEO, THE FIVE POINTS STAR


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(Release date: October 4, 2015)

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